What is a Care Team?

Working with Dartmouth Health Connect, you will create your own Care Team, with you in the lead. Our job will be to help you design your own care plan and ensure you have the tools to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Depending on your wants and needs, your care team could include:

  • Your Health Coach is an accountability partner who will help you identify your health goals and act as your liaison to the practice. (S)he will partner with you and your physician to design a personal wellness plan, provide support and keep you focused, and connect you with resources within and outside of Dartmouth Health Connect. (S)he may support, challenge, or offer guidance, but will not try to “fix” your problems for you.
  • Your Physician who will work directly with you and your Coach to help manage all of your care within and outside of the practice, making appropriate referrals and scheduling tests or procedures as needed.
  • Other members of your care team may include a Behavioral Health Specialist, a Nurse Innovator, care providers outside of Health Connect, or friends and family members who play a role in your health and wellness. In addition, we are happy to partner with alternative medicine providers in the community and integrate their expertise to best address your needs.