Events & Classes

We host a variety of health events, workshops, fitness classes and events at our practice. All the classes and events are open to the public and at no cost. Please feel free to invite your friends, family or neighbors to join us.

See below for more information and schedules!

Patient Advisory Group

Meets Quarterly at 7 Allen Street

As part of our goal to continuously improve our practice so that we can better engage our patients, their families, and the community in health and well-being, Dartmouth Health Connect hosts a Patient Advisory Group. Members of our group are current patients and commit to a term of 1 year.  We look to this group to provide insights into the care experience from a patient perspective and to be open to providing feedback on the strategic direction of the practice.  If you are interested in joining the Patient Advisory Group, please contact us here.

Women's Health and Wellness Group

This dynamic, long-standing group meets weekly to discuss issues such as nurturing a positive body image, healthy eating, and finding an approach to wellness that is right for an individual.  Our regular agenda includes five minutes of mindfulness, a round table “check in” by group members,  followed by a conversation centering on a specific health topic of the week (usually related to a book or an article that the group is reading). The Women’s Health and Wellness Group occasionally enjoys potlucks, cooking demonstrations, and has even attended lectures together on the Dartmouth campus. Women of all ages are welcome.

Group Duration: Year round, weekly meetups

Day and Time: Mondays, 12-12:55pm

Meeting Location: Dartmouth Health Connect’s Community Room

Facilitator: Lisa Cadow, Health Coach