Your Experience

Preparing for your first visit

Prior to your visit, you are welcome to complete our new patient paperwork. If you would like to request that records be sent from a single prior medical provider, please complete the Single Provider Medical Record Request form. If you have records from multiple providers, complete the Multiple Provider Medical Record Request form instead.

You could also complete our consent form prior to your first visit. These forms will give us permission to treat you at our practice, and if you prefer, review your records in advance of your appointment. Please contact your care team by calling 603-738-1164 or emailing The team can provide you instructions on how to complete the paperwork.

What are appointments like?

You will be welcomed warmly by the practice and your care team each time you visit. Your appointments may vary depending on what your needs are. For a first appointment, we ask that you allow for 1 hour to establish care and get to know your care team.

Appointments may be with your Coach, Behavioral Health Specialist, Nurse, and/or Physician depending on your current needs. We do our best to make ourselves available to you at times and modalities (phone, video chat, groups, or in person) that work for you. We’ve got space for classes and meetings, opportunities to get together – and room for innovation, so let’s work together to improve your health.

What is a Care Team?

Working with Dartmouth Health Connect, you will create your own Care Team, with you in the lead. Our job will be to help you design your own care plan and ensure you have the tools to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Depending on your wants and needs, your care team could include:

  • Your Health Coach is an accountability partner who will help you identify your health goals and act as your liaison to the practice. (S)he will partner with you and your physician to design a personal wellness plan, provide support and keep you focused, and connect you with resources within and outside of Dartmouth Health Connect. (S)he may support, challenge, or offer guidance, but will not try to “fix” your problems for you.
  • Your Physician who will work directly with you and your Coach to help manage all of your care within and outside of the practice, making appropriate referrals and scheduling tests or procedures as needed.
  • Other members of your care team may include a Behavioral Health Specialist, a Nurse Innovator, care providers outside of Health Connect, or friends and family members who play a role in your health and wellness. In addition, we are happy to partner with alternative medicine providers in the community and integrate their expertise to best address your needs.

How do I make an appointment, refill a prescription, or ask a time-sensitive question?

For the fastest response, please call the practice main number at 603.738.1164. For matters that are not time-sensitive, you can contact your health coach by email and we will do our best to respond within one business day.  We can also schedule video chats, exchange text messages, or simply talk on the telephone for conversations about important information.

How do you get feedback from patients?

Dartmouth Health Connect takes patient feedback very seriously, which is why you will receive surveys from our practice on an ongoing basis. Our surveys help us get feedback and measure our progress over time. Specific areas we survey include post-visit satisfaction, your overall health and well-being, and your experience with your team. If you have additional feedback or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

In addition to hearing from you directly, we also host a Patient Advisory Group that provides candid feedback on their experiences and the strategic direction of our practice.

Can I view my medical record online?

Yes! You can access your records by signing into the Patient Application. The application allows you to:

  • View and email your care team
  • View your lab results in real-time (as soon as they are released by the lab).
  • View stored documents and notes sent to us from other facilities.
  • View vaccination records administered or logged in our system.
  • View and record health measurements (blood pressure, fasting glucose, weight). These measurements will be entered directly into your electronic medical record.

How does the Patient Application differ from myDH?

myDH is a product developed and supported by Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center  (DHMC). Since we use DHMC to process many of our lab tests, many results will be visible both in their electronic record and in our own.  Note that these results will be available in our Patient App immediately (vs. 72 hours later, in DHMC’s “myDH” system). The Patient App is intended to become interactive through patient-entered data (e.g. blood pressure readings) and future development of features should increase the degree to which the Patient App allows patients to engage directly with their medical record and care at our practices.