King Arthur Flour

Who is eligible to participate at King Arthur Flour?

Employees or dependents over 18 years old who are enrolled in the King Arthur Flour PPO plan are eligible to join. Unfortunately, due to federal rules on consumer directed health plans, participants in the King Arthur Flour CDHP plans are not eligible at this time. Employees and adult dependents are eligible, but employee membership will take priority in this initial phase. To learn more on how to sign up, call Invest EAP at 866.740.9720 or click here to learn more.

Why is King Arthur offering this benefit?

While health care in the US can be excellent, too often people feel that their providers don’t have the time to really get to know them and understand their health care needs and goals. Sometimes people need additional support when faced with a new diagnosis or when trying to manage on-going issues. Health care is changing rapidly and King Arthur wants to be a part of the next generation of patient centered care.

How long is the program?

In early 2015, King Arthur Flour will have access to aggregate survey data from our employee owners who joined Dartmouth Health Connect. At that time King Arthur will assess how well the program has worked and if successful, will look at increasing availability to more participants in 2015. For those employee owners that choose to join Dartmouth Health Connect, they will be encouraged to continue to receive their care at the practice through the end of 2015, regardless of further expansion of the program.

What do I have to do to enroll?

Invest EAP will manage the intake process with a brief, confidential health care assessment conducted over the phone. The pilot program will be available to 25 qualified participants. Enrollment in this pilot program is ideal for those with ongoing medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, obesity, migraines, depression, heart disease, and cancer who we hope will get the most immediate benefit out of the team support of Dartmouth Health Connect. To learn more about how to sign up, call Invest EAP at 866.740.9720 or click here.